Canadian Recounts His Near-Death Experience After His Third Moderna Shot – Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory/Kidney Failure, Paralysis, Nerve Damage, and No Brain Activity

Last week, 35-year-old Michal from Montreal, Canada took to Twitter to describe how he was severely injured after taking his third Moderna Covid-19 shot. According to Michal, he almost died after receiving his booster shot and was hospitalized for two months. He was resuscitated by the doctors.

The worst part is that the vaccine also affected his fiancee.

“I share this story for my friends and family who endured trauma throughout those few months. No one should ever have to witness and feel such pain and stress,” said Michal.

An excerpt from his Twitter thread can be found down below:

My fiancé and I were supposed to get married in July 2022. Given the first two vaccine mandates, we figured that we had no choice but to keep on taking the boosters in order to be able to travel for our honeymoon and have [the] liberties to go to stores, etc.

We decided to take the 3rd Moderna booster anticipating that perhaps it would also be mandated by the Canadian government.

On Feb 18, 2022, at 10 am we got the 3rd Moderna booster (all prior were also Moderna). The next morning, my fiancé began to have palpitations, chest pains, and shortness of breath, so I brought her to the emergency. Due to COVID rules, I couldn’t stay at the hospital so I went home.

I just rushed my fiancé to the hospital for possible atrial fibrillation according to my AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L ECG device. She’s been feeling ill today with high heart rates and high blood pressure.

While she was getting checked, I laid for most of the day in bed, was feeling a little off but shook it off, thinking maybe I just didn’t sleep well the night before.

They did an ECG on her and saw that she had tachycardia, so they gave her some pills.

They then performed an ultrasound, and told her they’d give her pills for mild heart inflamation. She was released from the hospital in the afternoon, I picked her up at around 5 pm this morning, here’s their assessment:

  • They dismiss the potential atrial fibrillation reported by the 6-lead ECG device. She argued “how else can I prove such symptoms? You’ve already made me wear a holter for 24 hours back in June/July?”
  • They proposed she now asks her family doctor to get her to wear one for more than 24 hours. Though such severe tachycardia happens here and there. Some days it’s okay, others it’s more severe. The issue with the medical system here: unless you’re dying, they don’t care.
  • They didn’t give her any medication to control her abnormal rhythms/pressure. All the doctors said it’s a little odd.
  • He kept telling her that it’s normal after the vaccine.

We’re really fed up with what’s going on [to be honest]. Ever since the vaccine she took with me, she’s had odd heart irregularities. But they’ll keep calling it a coincidence.

At around 7 pm we began to cook dinner, and I started feeling pretty severe chest pain. I took my blood pressure monitor and got a reading of 156/95 (it went even higher after). It was much higher than normal. At that moment things began to get dizzy.

I laid on the couch and told my fiancé to call an ambulance. While they were on their way, I was able to get up, clear out some space in the hallway for the stretcher and put the dogs away.

The paramedics arrived downstairs (we live in an apartment downtown Montreal), my fiancé told the paramedics “We took the Moderna booster yesterday.”

The paramedics arrived upstairs, did an ECG on me, and immediately said to me “Sir don’t panic, you just had a mild heart attack.” They gave me some pills and lifted me onto the stretcher. I think the ride to the hospital was no longer than 3 minutes.

Things started to get blurry from that moment on. The doors opened and there was a team of a dozen medical staff waiting for me. They rushed me into the emergency. After that I recall 2 things: seeing my fiancé come by to see me, and then being in a different room with IV’s.

I will be contacting the archives departments to highlight these false reports to request modifications. I wasn’t conscious and aware of the things I was saying. A lot reported was nonsense. The next thing I remember was a series of dreams (mixed with what I believe was heaven).

I also recall opening my eyes and feeling half my face begin to slowly droop (temporary paralysis). Doctors were yelling at me “Sir can you feel your arm?” etc. I thought it was a dream, but weeks later when I woke up, neurologists told me that it really happened.

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