Canadian Natives rising up. War on the government! Watch the vid on page 3!! Anti-fracking protesters were |ARMED TO THE TEETH”, RCMP

These protests have been going on for some time. The Natives are protesting the company doing the exploration work for shale gas. Today, however, the main N/S highway for the Eastern side of the province has been shut down, as has the secondary. There is currently a protest on the lawn of a high school, which is on lockdown. Police are massing, and using rubber bullets and tear gas to combat the crowds. In exchange, the protesters have torched 4 RCMP cruisers… So far. This definitely has the makings of something bad with a possible squish count if it keeps up.

Shale gas protesters clash with police in Rexton, N.B.

Shale gas protesters and RCMP trying to enforce an injunction are clashing in Rexton, N.B., with the violence including two police vehicles that have been set on fire.

The violence started about 1 p.m. Thursday, after police fired pepper spray as a group of male protesters tried to push through the police line.

CBC reporter Tori Weldon said it sounded as if shots were fired.

The vehicles set on fire are a cruiser and one that is unmarked, according to CBC reporter Jen Choi, who is at the scene.

The RCMP moved in on the protesters on Route 134 in Rexton early Thursday, enforcing a court injunction issued on Oct. 3 against the protesters, who have been blocking a highway for weeks.
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