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Section 57(1) and Section 190 of the Bills Of Exchange Act Canada

Presumption of value
57. (1) Every party whose signature appears on a bill is, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, deemed to have become a party thereto for value.

Consumer bill or note to be marked
190. (1) Every consumer bill or consumer note shall be prominently and legibly marked on its face with the words “Consumer Purchase” before or at the time when the instrument is signed by the purchaser or by any person signing to accommodate the purchaser.

According to the Canadian Payment Association Rules: Rule H6, Section 2.2
Rules pertaining to the inter-financial institution exchange and settlement of bill payments remittances.

On-Us field:
i) Transaction code section:
Code 96 to indicate it is a Remittance, shall be located anywhere within the four positions of the Transaction Code Section. The remaining two postitions shall be blank.

96 means it is a remittances

Who and what pays for your ACCEPTED FOR VALUE method of payment?

Your signature is where the value comes from. Every bank note or promissory note is paid by the signature. Have you ever wondered why you have to sign the back of your bank and credit cards?

Nothing in our society is of any value other than jewels, precious metals an assets but Canada does not have much gold and fails to recognize it as a currency standard.

The Treasury of Canada and the Government of Canada pays for your bill. You have to understand the STRAWMAN scheme. Your birth certificate is sold as a bond after you are born to the Bank of Canada who our country is in debt to. In fact, your birth certificate is a bank note. Look on the back of your birth certificate in fine print at the bottom, it will say CANADIAN BANK NOTE LIMITED. Why do you think you need a Social Insurance Number to be able to work in Canada? It is because the government needs to make a corporate account to be able to apply debt to you. They sold your birth certificate as a bond to the Bank of Canada, so they needed another way to do so.

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