Canada’s digital future is officially on life support.

Canada’s digital future is officially on life support.

Just days ago, the last remaining national cell phone provider outside the control of the Big Telecom companies – Wind Mobile – removed themselves from a key auction of resources crucial to their future.1 The government is now auctioning off scarce public assets to the few companies who already have a stranglehold on our communications.

This is a massive threat to affordable, open Internet service and it could be the end of national independent cell phone service in Canada.2

We need your help to give Canadians a real chance to harness the possibilities of the open and affordable Internet. From coast to coast, we’re organizing free, local events that will give you the chance to directly shape the future of a connected Canada. All you have to do is RSVP today and show up to your local event, which will take place at 12PM local time on Saturday, January 25th at Chapel Arts Centre, 304 Dunlevy Avenue, Vancouver.

You can find the full details for your local event at

We’ve worked hard to get decision-makers to listen to regular people – and we’re ready to prepare a comprehensive vision to take to a crucial CRTC hearing on our digital future at the end of this month. If we don’t speak up now, Big Telecom’s lobbyists will be the only ones the CRTC hears from. Become part of this nationwide conversation for a connected Canada by joining with people in your community today.

–Steve, on behalf of your team

P.S. It’s your decision to participate that will make this public consultation truly public. Together, we can show decision-makers that Canadians won’t tolerate anything less than the collaborative, participatory future that the Internet makes possible. Are you in?



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[2] Why it’s more important than ever to push for authentic wireless choice. Source.
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