California Man Takes Photos Of Pterodactyl And Alien Entity.. See The (Photos)

The 4 legged “alien entity”
A man from California claims the above photo shows an alien entity that he was able to photograph outside his home. He also has a photo of what he claims to be a pterodactyl-like creature. According to the man he witnesses all kinds of strange and mysterious beings all the time. Is this guy a lightning rod for the paranormal and unexplained? reports:

Calif. — A man said on Monday he was able to capture the images of a “prehistoric bird” and an “alien entity” in the skies of southern California.

C. Wilson, who didn’t reveal his exact location in the Golden State, says he spots different anomalies, including what he believes to be creatures, almost every month.

“It is difficult to see these objects when going several thousand miles per second,” he told Cryptozoology News. “For some reason they engage me.”

He explained that he also sees “red orbs” regularly and that different species of animals appear to accompany the unidentified objects.

“The red orb follows me with one turkey vulture that always hangs with it, the chrome orb has 33 seagulls that hang with it, and the Blue Orb has 9 red tail hawks that hang with it, the flying rods are intelligent and are not rods at all.”

Two of his latest images, claims Wilson, were taken last week just outside his home.

The “pterodactyl-like” creature

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