British Royal Couple’s Tour Of Canada Continues With Journey To Slave Lake



Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on Wednesday flew to Alberta, to visit the fire-ravaged town of Slave Lake.

In a late addition to their itinerary, the royal couple flew directly to Slave Lake from Yellowknife, where they had stayed on Tuesday night.

At the airport, they said goodbye to officials they had met during their brief visit, and posed with local police for a group photograph, as dozens of airport staff watched.

The Slave Lake engagement includes visiting areas that were affected by the wild fires in May, as well as meeting displaced residents, rescue workers who fought the fires, and political leaders.

The wildfires on May 15 forced the complete evacuation of Slave Lake’s 7,000 residents.

It is considered the largest displacement in Alberta province’s history.

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