BREAKING – Sidney Blumenthal (Clinton adviser) – Says it was a Coup d’état by the FBI !

That’s right, he (Sidney Blumenthal ) reports that here to a Dutch reporter –

It’s not unfair to call it a coup.” Reporter says, “Coup.
Blumenthal replies, “Yeah, a Coup d’état.


Donald Trump victory is a direct result of the intervention of FBI Director James Comey. That says Sidney Blumenthal, adviser and friend of the Clintons, against Nieuwsuur.

Eleven days before reopening the elections Comey announced the investigation into the emails of Hillary Clinton. Two days before the election gave the FBI director that nothing had been found illegal.

In the nine days it took investigation resulted in Clinton, according to Blumenthal’s, gone up in smoke. He calls this a coup d’etat by FBI agents in New York, under the influence of the Republican politician, Trump supporter and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

This is the most corrupt government ever.

Sidney Blumenthal

Trump has promised to eradicate corruption and cronyism in Washington.According to Blumenthal surrounds Trump now as president-to-be with figures that are interested only in personal gain. “This is the most corrupt government ever.”

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“De overwinning van is een staatsgreep door de FBI”, zegt Sidney Blumenthal, vriend en adviseur van .

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