BREAKING: Phillipines abandoning the U.S. to make arms deals with Russia and China!

Russia Destroys most ISIS Heavy Weaponry, U.S. Promptly Airdrops 50-Tons of Weapons into Syria
Russia Destroys most ISIS Heavy Weaponry, U.S. Promptly Airdrops 50-Tons of Weapons into Syria

“Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has added insult to injury to Barack Obama, announcing on Tuesday that he has cancelled the joint U.S.-Philippines patrols in the South China Sea, calling them needless provocations. What’s more, he has announced that he is dispatching his defense minister to Moscow and Beijing to begin talks about arms purchases from those two nations.

President Duterte’s actions, coming 24 hours after he announced that he was kicking the U.S. Special Forces out of Mindanao, should serve as a powerful message to President Barack Obama: You can’t spit in the face of world leaders and expect them to take it forever.”

President Obama came back from his just-concluded final Asia tour to a torrent of criticisms for his outrageous behavior, in which he escalated the provocations against both Russia and China, bringing the United States closer to complete economic collapse and to a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia. Obama’s actions in Hangzhou were captured perfectly in a UPI story by Martin Sieff on Tuesday: “Weak men bluster and bluff, then imagine they are strong… That is what Obama did at the Group of 20 meeting… Obama stood up — in his own imagination — to Russia and China. In reality, he just plunged ahead on a course toward U.S. economic collapse through an endless clash with China. Even worse, he took another step on the road toward thermonuclear confrontation and world war with Russia… It plunges the United States and the American people far further down the road towards global war and existential crisis.”

Former US Ambassador Chas Freeman seconded that warning, noting in an interview with Sputnik News that Obama’s drone kill policy has “spread anti-Western terrorism with global reach to new corners of the globe.”

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