Breaking News: ISIS releases video of mass beheading of 21 Egyptian christians by Libyan beach

“They even have the cash and resources to dress up their prisoners in orange jump suits, this seems suspicious…”


People Of the Cross - Christians Beheaded
People Of the Cross – Christians Beheaded

QUOTE “This is fake. reason its still up on YouTube is cause they know its a fake.

production quality is obviously top notch, so that’s not been done over there on a dusty apple mac!

Also all the other real beheadings they have shown on the news where done in the middle of nowhere. they have done it on the beach so after they edit the bringing out of the prisoners, they can edit there clothes lying flat with them buried up to their necks in sand pulling their best “I’m dead” face covered in blood. I know they have sand in the desert as well but I am sure its easier to dig up on the beach.

High end production all round and like some on here said, they are unusually well funded (either that or they all share the same birthday and got their new shoes and clothes at the same time).

what I would say is that the film seemed to concentrate on 2 of the men in the beheading.

I think it has been staged to look more than it is. unfortunately I think someone did get it in the neck so to speak, but I feel like I’m watching that has been staged.

Wonder because youtube are keeping it up, if it something to do with obamas plans to regulate the internet with more security.

Whatever the reason for showing people this, it feel like it is the start of something much much bigger.

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