Breaking News: Globe footage captures shooting in Parliament building – Ottawa, Canada

The Globe’s Josh Wingrove reports from inside the Parliament Hill building under lockdown following multiple shootings Wednesday


The Conservative Party caucus room is shown shortly after shooting began on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Ontario, October 22, 2014, taken and provided by MP Nina Grewal. REUTERS/MP Nina Grewal/Handout
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By Randall Palmer and David Ljunggren

OTTAWA (Reuters) – A gunman shot and fatally wounded a soldier in Ottawa on Wednesday and then entered the country’s parliament buildings chased by police, with at least 30 shots fired in dramatic scenes in the heart of the Canadian capital.

A suspected gunman was shot dead inside the parliament building, a government minister said.

Ottawa police were searching for more suspects near the National War Memorial in central Ottawa, where the soldier was shot, and on nearby Parliament Hill, a police spokesman said.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in a caucus meeting in parliament when gunfire erupted in the building, Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino, a former policeman, told the Toronto Sun.

Harper was later safely removed from the building, and parliament was locked down.

Fantino said parliament’s head of security, Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), had shot a suspect dead.

“All the details are not in, but the sergeant-at-arms, a former Mountie, is the one that engaged the gunman, or one of them at least, and stopped this,” Fantino said. “He did a great job and, from what I know, shot the gunman and he is now deceased.”

Canadian cabinet minister Jason Kenney said the soldier who was shot at the war memorial had died. He said a guard in parliament buildings had been wounded.  Continued…
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