Breaking News! : 50 CENT Diagnosed with EBOLA Virus After a Trip TO Africa!

Latest news reports say that the famous rapper 50 Cent has Ebola, and he is in a critical condition. His location is unknown. The artist got the virus last week at a concert in Ghana! He was afraid of the virus, but armed rebels made him sing at the concert under gunpoint! He managed to escape, and flew with the first plane to the United States. But his worst nightmares came true, his tests came positive . The government keeps his location secret to avoid chaos and mass hysteria !

UPDATE :  Dr. Dre confirms that 50 cent has Ebola and he is a critical condition : ” I’m afraid that 50 has the lethal virus. He is under treatment, a world renowned team of doctors are watching him  and the next 48 hours will be decisive. We all pray for his recovery, but i’m sceptical”.  His location is still unknown, but some believe that he is currently in a private hospital in New York!


EDIT: Fifty lost all the weight to play a role in a movie. That’s where the skinny picture is from. A movie set. 

Makes sense as the picture seems to show a trailer that they use as mobile dressing rooms on set. ~Q~
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