BREAKING: Gay Anon Describes His Monkeypox Circumstances, Experience, and Symptoms: “The worst pain is the ****** pain”

Gay Anon:

I have Monkeypox…
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Started feeling mild flu symptoms Saturday night. Had sex
prior that afternoon. I assumed I was maybe getting COVID
again but that test was neg. I took ibuprofen for my
symptoms Saturday-Sunday and it pretty much knocked them

Monday I woke up feeling fine except for a painful pimple
right under my skin on my right index finger. I assumed it
was a blister from working out.
By end of day I had very bad pain in my rectum, so I feared
I got an STD from bottoming.
Wednesday I got a full panel and STIs were all clear. I have
developed more of those pimples covering all over my rectal
area and noticed a few random ones on my arms, neck, and one
in my ear.

Friday I went to my doctor to see if they could test for
Monkeypox. I was their first suspected case and they didnt
even have capability to order a test.

So now I gotta wait until the county clinic opens back up on
Monday… they are the only ones in the state who can test.
I was told I am not eligible for a vaccine due to suspecting
to have it… which was frustrating because I read online
there is evidence the vaccine helps with symptoms up to 2
weeks into infection. The only drug available, TPOXX, is for
hospital cases only.

My doctor prescribed me steroids so I just started taking
those. The worst pain is the rectal pain, it feels like I
have cuts in there and it hurts badly to use the restroom.
The sores are starting to dry out today, which is apparently
the most painful stage, and I am definitley feeling those

I feel like this must be way more prevalent and contagious
than being let on. It’s not like I was attending orgies, I
had sex with 3 people in the past month.
There are only 28 cases confirmed in my state.

If you are male who prefers to have sex with males, you have
priority access to vaccine so I would recommend contacting
your local health department ASAP to get vaccinated.

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