Breaking! Cell Phones from passengers on Malaysia Airlines ringing…

It is being reported today, March 9, by the Singapore press in The Sunday Times that a Chinese family has successfully dialed and rang the mobile cell phone of a passenger on board the Malaysia Airlines plane MH370.



This story has been followed by several other accounts of the same scenario withing different families. The Boeing 777 jumbo jet is still missing with no wreckage debris anywhere to be found.

Today, the brother of a man who is listed on the missing airplane’s manifest demonstrated for Chinese television that he could dial his sibling’s mobile phone, which was with him on the plane, and that the call was connected and rang several times indicating the phone is working, turned on and able to be answered somewhere. This family and many others are angry and urging government agencies to trace the ringing cell phone, before the batteries runs out, to find the missing plane and passengers, as they could have landed covertly on dry land and are being held captive by terrorists or other possible entities.

While news agencies around the world are focused on very few details surrounding the alleged unexplained oil slick in the China Sea and the search and recover efforts there, no official outlets are discussing the possibility that the plane has landed undetected somewhere on land. The fuel found on the ocean could have been anything such as a fuel dump. If the plane actually exploded in air, wouldn’t the fuel have been burned up? Wouldn’t a satellite somewhere have picked up the fiery display? Many agencies have now begun to use the term “vanished” or even “disintegrated” to describe the lost airline jet.

Oddly, there is no word yet on any government agency action to search out possible landing strips, where the plane could have landed and received refuge and concealment. This theory holds more weight the longer the search efforts come up empty handed. Several reports that a possible airplane door was found in the ocean near the plane’s path have been squelched after the U.S. search team confirmed the floating debris was not related to the Malaysian flight MH370.

At this stage of the unbelievable vanishing airplane story, many on social media are even suggesting that the plane has been intercepted by a visiting alien UFO or transported to another world via an outer space wormhole. However, as we hear many times in life, anything is possible. This could in fact be some sort of alien abduction. Whatever the answer is to the plane’s current whereabouts or fate, there must be a serious link to its disappearance and those 4 suspect passengers who used stolen passports to board the aircraft. We hope more shall be revealed soon, but until then, we suspect the plane is intact somewhere and the passengers alive.

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