Brave Intercessors Have Showdown With Satanists in City Hall

The Baphomat statue represents Satanism.
The Baphomat statue represents Satanism. (Facebook)


When a Satanist tried to invoke curses during a city hall meeting, men and women joined hands behind him and began reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Satanist David Suhor led the invocation at the Pensacola City Council meeting last week. But he wasn’t the only one there to pray.

When you invoke a name, any other name under heaven that is not the Lord Jesus Christ, you almost invite cursing or disaster to fall on you,” attendee Vickie Truett said.

To fight it, members of the United Methodist Church of Pace filled the meeting and gathered outside to pray.

One attendee reportedly held a sign proclaiming Matthew 5:15.

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