Boy, 17, crucified for three days after ISIS militants accuse him of being paid to take photographs of the terror group’s HQ

  • Images shows the unnamed teenager being crucified in central Raqqa
  • Sign around his neck accuses him of apostasy – abandoning his religion
  • Says he had been paid 500 Turkish lira for photographs of military bases 
  • Image shared on Twitter by group of brave anti-ISIS activists called ‘Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently’ who operate inside group’s de facto capital

Islamic State militants have publicly crucified and murdered a teenager they accused of taking photographs of the terror group’s headquarters in Syria.

Sickening images purportedly taken in the central square of the extremists’ de facto capital Raqqa show the battered and bloodstained body of an unnamed 17-year-old boy strapped to a cross.

A handwritten placard hangs around the teenager’s neck, accusing him of ‘apostasy’ – the abandonment of his religion – and says he had been crucified for three days after being caught receiving 500 Turkish lira for every photograph he took of an Islamic State military base.

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The image of the murdered teenager appeared on a social media account of an activist group known as Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.

The group is made up of a handful of incredibly brave individuals who oppose ISIS and – despite the city being the group’s de facto, the centre of its leadership and full of bloodthirsty religious police – attempt to document the violence the terrorists group has brought to their hometown

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