Boomers demanding boob jobs – Your tax dollars are being spent on 63 year old men who identify as women – VIDEO

Boomers demanding boobjobs
#Manitoba #Canada

They are just going for a boob job now. Later they may elect to get a face lift to make them look more female as well as getting the bottom half of of themselves surgically altered to mimic / resemble that of a female. 

Boomers demanding boobjobs

 They say they are not a drag queen or a transvestite.  One can only hope that this will help this poor soul as the cost is enormous. Meanwhile there’s no prescription drug coverage for Canadians who have real diseases.

But fear not Canada: “the cab driver and his wife that couldn’t be bothered to learn english and isn’t a citizen get to travel to the U.S for the BEST healthcare on your dime” When will Canadians compassionate wallets turn up empty?

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