BOMBSHELL: IRS Teams Up With Atheists to Go After Churches [WATCH]


It seems that the IRS simply can’t keep themselves out of thetargeting business, as they’ve joined forces with atheists to start cracking down on churches for engaging in political activity.

Liberals are once again attempting to use the IRS as an “enforcer,” a weapon to use against those who voice their dissent against the progressive agenda being pushed by the president.1

One would think after the whole targeting debacle against conservative groups, the IRS would put the brakes on something like this and refuse to participate, especially with the negative media attention the agency has heaped on itself, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Apparently, all it takes to get the taxman to do your bidding is a lawsuit.

Fox News is reporting that Dan Barker, founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group comprised of “tolerant” atheists on a mission to rid the world of the “evil” that is religion, filed a lawsuit against the IRS for not monitoring tax-exempt churches.

“People can start pouring money into churches for political reasons to mobilize the vote, and that’s just not what the non-profit IRS law was intended to do,” Barker said.

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