BOMBSHELL: Antifa was imported to America from Europe by the Obama-Biden administration to forge domestic terrorism alliance with BLM, new report

For Antifa-BLM, their leaders, and their organizers this 2 part article represents the beginning of their day of reckoning. This is a start toward full exposure showing political organization, political aspirations, political ties to foreign government political parties, and sets them squarely as this generation’s brown shirt in the USA and around the world.

Thanks to Antifa leadership in Seattle and actions in Portland, it became easy to open Antifa up showing the ties to Germany and ultra-nationalists in Ukraine and the ultra-nationalist Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA.

History will remember this as John Brennan’s insurgency. The outgoing CIA director beefed up a domestic insurgent movement with foreign fighters on behalf of the Obama-Biden administration.

Part of former CIA Director Brennan’s story is below and the balance is in part 2.

Regardless of the foreign actors involved, this is a thoroughly American problem. No foreign country is trying to take over the US government. This must be dealt with as an American problem.

Let’s say this one more time. It is an American problem caused by the former Obama-Biden administration’s continuing coup against the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Before going forward, at least half of this mess has an easy solution that’s already on the table. U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, and Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado describe how the US Congress committee chairs have been bought and sold to the highest paying lobbyists.

The importance of this is if the practice didn’t exist, most of the issues the US faces internally today wouldn’t either. The Intel community coup would have no teeth.

The support needed to start this political nightmare would not exist if the rewards didn’t outstrip every cost to Congressmen like Adam Schiff. Make the rewards illegal and every Congressman will weigh the cost of getting involved with special interest groups with deep pockets. Read about it at the Gateway Pundit.

The other side of the coin is identifying all the funding and organization groups involved and legislating their influence away. Make this type of funding domestically and abroad illegal after criminal investigations are done. Bring the Intel community back into the agencies to eliminate private contracts. Private Intel companies created the mess because in the same way Congress is swayed to act, the deep-pocket clients provide their bottom line.

There’s a point where Information Operations (IO) come off the page and the boots on the ground finish the work. We are going through that point now.

I’m not going to hold your hand while I show you none of the BLM or Antifa protests or riots have a single damn thing to do with George Floyd, justice, or equality. I’m not going to be kind or soften the facts while I expose you for allowing John Brennan to bring his babies home to roost in your own backyard, front yard, and your neighbor’s yard.

There’s a reason why this shifted away from Minneapolis to Seattle and Portland. This is where the majority of John Brennan’s foreign fighters are located in the US.

The play the DNC is making goes much further than winning election 2020. The fact they are willing to attack and destroy part of their own base should have done more than raise a few eyebrows.

This first link shows the set up in Ukraine including Intel community planning and oversight. It is part 8 of an 11 part series describing the assets. The second link is 3rd in the current series showcasing how this was brought to America for 2016–2020.

The Terrorists Among US — The Coup Against the Presidency

Obama’s coup against Donald Trump and a terrorist plot against America

The boots on the ground support for the political shift the DNC is desperate to make don’t co-exist with Bernie Sander’s world of socialism/ American democracy. If it did, where were Antifa and BLM when Sanders was getting Bern’d by the DNC in the first place?

The major political shift away from American Democracy isn’t toward socialism. It’s toward an integral nationalism that takes away political accountability to the people and makes officeholders immune to prosecution for any crime they commit.

What you are witnessing today aren’t protests, it’s the new way politics are done.

Why Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon

Antifa gets by on the basis of what is known as “volunteerism.” The myth says since Antifa has no centralized leadership structure or formalized membership the group doesn’t have to worry about bearing individual responsibility for the damage and death they cause. The theory is no leadership exists to exert any command and control over Antifa activists; therefore it is organic, headless, and not prosecutable.

In other words, it is a protected social-political group because like-minded supporters coordinate autonomously. Yada. Yada.Yada.

The legal theory was concocted ahead of Ukraine’s 2014 coup for the same reason. Cover your face. Commit murder. Go out for breakfast.

We’ll put this theory to bed in a few minutes but let’s start with something more explosive and closer to home. Here’s where the rubber starts to meet the road. Now we start with this big explosive headline that won’t amount to anything and helps express the organic Antifa mystique. Why?

Antifa was actually in Syria training with the Kurds who were erstwhile ISIS members but were never allowed to do more than that. As you’ll see in a second, the training part isn’t the problem. That they only trained to prepare for this 2020 insurgency is. In part 2 their war trainers will weigh in and it isn’t very flattering. The word terrorist comes up a lot.

Back in 2015, I started salting my articles with milestones and litmus tests to show the build-up as it progressed moving toward this current insurgency. If it was beginning in the US using the 5 point strategy outlined in the part 3 article, then IO planners would have to use resources and methods I outlined and mentioned starting before the 2016 election was over. This means I provided the falsifications hoping I was wrong, while I watched it develop.

Antifa Riots in the US Time to Extradite German and Ukrainian Nationalist leaders

Let’s start at the end to show how serious the reality is Obama and the DNC have brought to America.

The first stop to pick up Antifa insurgency leadership is an easy one. With the US Army troop drawdown in Germany, it’s as simple as showing up at the Bundestag while it’s in session and extraditing Germany’s Pirate Party leader Sebastian Alscher and his side-kick Ben Utzer who acts as the liaison or coordinator for Antifa and its Pirate Party political leadership in US.

The next stop is the European Parliament meeting in either Strasbourg, France, Brussels Belgium, or Luxembourg and extradite the the leadership of The Greens/European Free Alliance party.

Since Kiev does not extradite criminals to the US, a C-130 with a couple of gnarly wooden benches strapped down in the middle will do. Pravy Sektor leadership including Ukraine’s chubby nazi Dimtro Yarosh are involved. The leaders of Azov battalion should also be brought back for investigation and long-term incarceration after their trials. Is that Guantanamo?

A sizable chunk of the $391 million Donald Trump was accused of withholding from Ukraine goes through Dimitry Yarosh’s office in charge of volunteer militias. Pravy Sektor’s thank you to the US was to fill the ranks of the Obama-Biden coup insurgency at Seattle, Washington which isn’t a long ride to Portland Oregon.

Within a few paragraphs, the “volunteerism” protections Antifa was promised will be stripped away. At the lighter end of the legal spectrum, you are foreign directed terrorists.

This is the international legal definition currently used by the IO groups describing the changes between Tallinn I and Tallinn II for Cyber War. The laws of Cyberwar match the laws of War. War is war. And you’ve decided to make it on your own people.

Since Antifa is part of an insurgency ground force with provable foreign government representation and foreign insurgents from terrorist groups, Antifa and BLM have walked away from Constitutional protections and their recourse isn’t in the Geneva Conventions. My guess is neither group was told that wearing real army insignia that identifies you gives you those protections, did they?

After exposing the leadership, we’ll dive into the first foreign fighter group. The funnel protesters were driven into from 2017–2020 to get where we are today will be made clear in part 2.

#Antifa Leadership driving ultra-nationalism for Obama-Biden

Antifa’s leadership in the US communicates out of the Seattle, Washington website that was displayed mocking US President Donald Trump. It is important to note the ties to BLM are both direct and indirect through subgroups like Extinction Rebellion. These unrelated groups work together on projects like the riots to fill the number of the bodies needed to make the project successful. Numbers mean coverage.

Finding Antifa leadership started with being able to localize it. Since the terrorist group works through various locations, finding the original that leads into the 2020 sedition is the only ideal starting point.

After finding the main site, it was as simple as looking back over time. We have the original Antifa website.

Looking back over time on the Internet archive this wasn’t difficult to find. This site has been featured in media because of its message to Donald Trump. In 1999 and in subsequent years the language flips from German to English and back a few times which is an unusual thing for a website with a Seattle Washington IP address.

2004 shows the Antifa site is once again German. It is the original website for Antifa in the US. Over the years, the site switches between this and poorly written commercial content work. This is important because the other sites belonging to Antifa on the Antifa server have the same ownership.

Now we find a German security company involved.

Investigating these sites show they follow the same pattern. It also narrowed finding the Antifa leadership down to finding a German with a miniscule online footprint who likes dogs and works in IT security probably as a hacker or penetration tester and wants to destroy the world for money. That was all I needed to know.

Finding the political leaders started with something as simple as finding out the one person who was investing in the site’s visibility and referring it into social networks.

Meet Ben Utzer.

Utzer is Antifa’s German Pirate Party chubby, never miss a meal, pasty white leader of the boots on the ground Obama-Biden Antifa-BLM insurrection taunting Donald Trump to try and do something about it.

Utzer is the German directing the traffic for American Antifa seditionists willing to murder and destroying their own cities for a foreign hacker-politico who owns a little security company and loves dogs. My guess is until he sees his face here, Utzer is laughing at you.

Germans starting to rally Antifa troops

When you scroll your mouse over the author’s name, the language reverts to German. The Pirate Party in Germany is both the leader of Antifa and the political representation for Antifa in Germany. You read that right. Antifa’s political representation is in Europe.

Referring back to the part 3 article’ November 2016 is when the insurrection kicked off under the guidance of Alexandra Chalupa and IO planners working for the Obama Administration.

Antifa, BLM, and other groups were brought in to create a funnel catching disenfranchised people from across the spectrum bringing them under one umbrella for the IO coup project. This is how the manpower problem for sedition was tackled. Shown in part 2, this was the preferred on the ground method starting with the Inauguration in 2017.

According to Robert Paxton’s The Anatomy of Fascism (page 218);

Fascism may be defined as a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation, or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy, and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.

Antifa- BLM Nationalism or Patriotism?

The Paxton quote has been redrawn as the definition of patriotism for the DNC starting after the 2016 election.

What you see going on in cities that are burning is unbridled nationalism. Is this you? This is a marked difference from a patriot’s love and defense of their country and their people. Nationalism demands you to act like the nationalists or you are their enemy. The enemy has no rights. This is what’s happening in Portland today.

Think about this.

The city of Seattle sat by for an entire month while a German nationalist political party took over a few blocks of US soil without even a whimper. Why were proxy soldiers from Utzer’s German-controlled group allowed to illegally arm themselves? Scroll back up for the marching orders.

This is also probably the reason for the quick name change from “Autonomous Zone to CHAZ. When autonomy started to be defined it provided a little insight into finding the leadership in the European Parliament.

Let’s be clear. A German political party with European Parliament representation declared war on the nascent presidency of Donald Trump in no uncertain terms in early December 2016.

If you look at the date it was just in time to join the beginning of Alexandra Chalupa’s IO coup effort to destroy the Trump Presidency beginning to come together in mid-November 2016 and led to the combined group protests in early 2017 with the singular purpose expressed in the tweet above.

Why would an outwardly socialist group like Antifa that didn’t support Bernie Sanders work with Alexandra Chalupa’s nationalist Ukrainian-Diaspora? The combined Diaspora groups under Chalupa’s OUN hate socialists as part of their political program.

Antifa and BLM leadership support extreme nationalism and the following will give insight into that. Antifa and its Pirate Party leadership are in league with extremist Right Sector (Pravy Sektor) leadership in Ukraine. You’ll soon see Seattle was loaded with Ukrainian nationalists under Pravy Sektor’s control from the beginning of 2017 onward.

This is a mundane screenshot of Ben Utzer conversing with German Pirate Party Federal Chairman Sebastian Alscher.

The German Pirate Party’s leadership in the European Parliament is Patrick Breyer . This is where it gets interesting.

Germany’s Pirate Party is part of the Greens–European Free Alliance or Greens/EFA. The EFA consists of parties representing stateless nations (Antifa), regionalist and minority political interests. The group has generally limited its membership to progressive partiesWikipedia

Until 2014, the OUN Ukrainian nationalists in Ukraine considered themselves stateless. The EFA has a long dynamic history with groups like Pravy Sektor terrorists in Ukraine through their media and IO workgroups.

Meet Rebecca Harms. According to Wikipedia, Rebecca Harms is a German politician who served as Member of the European Parliament from 2004 until 2019. She is a member of the Alliance ‘90/The Greens, part of the European Green Party. From 2010 until 2016 she served as president of The Greens–European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament.

In Part 3, I pointed out Kester Ratcliffe is a member of the Atlantic Council group Propornot. The Greens EFA has a long history of involvement.

The EFA in the European Parliament received the information they could rely on about Syria and Donbass from (Right Sector) Pravy Sektor’s InformNapalm. InformNapalm was founded by then Pravy Sektor spokesman Sviatoslav Yurash along with EuromaidanPR and other efforts under the care of IO head Joel Harding.

The EFA supported Ukrainian nationalists in Ukraine from the beginning of Rebecca Harms tenure and has that record of pushing the agenda of extreme nationalists in the European Parliament.

Does Antifa support Pravy Sektor operatives?

According to Antifa’s Anti-fascist prisoner website– “Ukrainian Aleksandr Kolchenko was arrested in Crimea on May 17, 2014, along with several others, and accused by Russian authorities of participation in a “terrorist group” which planned explosions near the Eternal Fire memorial and the Lenin monument in Simferopol, as well as having sabotaged railway tracks and electricity lines. Aleksandr was also alleged to have carried out two arson attacks in April: against the headquarters of the Russian Unity-Party, and the Russian Community of Crimea.”

For reference, throughout the late winter and spring of 2014, Pravy Sektor committed terrorist acts in Ukraine and Crimea. All the acts of terrorism during this period supported their brand of ultra-nationalism.

Amnesty International’s 2015 flyer clears this up. Kolchenko admits guilt for the crimes he was charged with.

“Oleg Sentsov and Aleksandr Kolchenko have been sentenced in connection with a series of arson attacks, one on the future offices of the United Russia Party, which at the time were the offices of the Ukrainian Party of the Regions (the party of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych), destroying the kitchen of the building, and an attack which partially damaged the door of the office of the organisation, Russian Community of Crimea. They were also accused of two further failed attempts to blow up the Lenin statue and the Eternal Flame monument in the Crimean capital Simferopol. Aleksandr Kolchenko has admitted that took part in the arson attacks, but denies that they were terrorist attacks. Oleg Sentsov has denied all charges.”

While I’ll be the first to concur Antifa-BLM seditionists are knobs, I still can’t come to grips with these particular Socialistas not understanding how blowing up statues of Lenin doesn’t defeat your political agenda. Nationalists in Ukraine were doing this across the country and in this particular timeframe it was all Pravy Sektor’s work. This is where the practice originated. Hate history, boom!

Now we have a historical relationship established between Antifa and their political wing, the German Pirate Party, the EFA, and Ukrainian OUN nationalists.

Do Ukrainian nationalists in Ukraine and the US support the Antifa-BLM riots?

The separation of Ukrainians and Ukrainian OUN both in Ukraine, the US and European countries have to be kept clean. For the sake of definitions, the following apply.

· US-Ukrainian OUN (Diaspora nationalist groups associated with the UCCA and CEEC)

· Ukrainian OUN (Ukrainian nationalist groups associated with Bandera and Melnyk factions)

· Ukrainian or Ukrainian Diaspora (normal people not involved in deviant politics)

This is the face of a US-Ukrainian OUN Propornot member when they come outside. Wasserman taught Ukrainian punisher veterans English so the transition to the US would be possible under the still in August 2020 Obama-Clinton State Department.

He’s one of many that went over after John Brennan’s visit to Ukraine in November 2016 (there’s that date again) to prepare the way for experienced murderers to come to the US under the Dreamer Act.

According to this Washington Post article;

EVERETT, Wash. — As President Trump has significantly reduced the number of refugees allowed to settle in the country and specifically pushed to keep Muslims out, an unlikely nationality has come to represent a disproportionate share of the refugees who have been entering the United States in recent years: Ukrainians.

The United States last year resettled more nationals from Ukraine, a country that barely registers in the United Nations’ assessments of the global refugee crisis, than it did almost any other nationality. Only people fleeing widespread violence and unrest in Congo and Myanmar outnumber the flow of Ukrainian refugees to the United States…The 4,451 Ukrainians who arrived in the United States during fiscal 2019 made up 15 percent of the 30,000 total refugees who resettled in the country. In 2016, Ukrainians accounted for just 3 percent…Many of the newly arrived Ukrainians have ended up here in Washington state, near Seattle along Puget Sound. The area already is home to one of the largest Ukrainian immigrant communities in the country. Ukrainian and Russian-speaking churches, grocery stores, construction companies and real estate agents have proliferated as the refugees have streamed here, sometimes arriving as 20-member extended families all at once. The Ukrainian Association of Washington has seen membership in its youth dance troupe swell to 30, and the University of Washington is offering Ukrainian language courses for its third year in a row.

All Ukrainian Associations in the US are US-Ukrainian OUN owned and run. The disproportionate number of asylum seekers that are congregated around Seattle, Washington are from the Ukrainian OUN volunteer battalions controlled by Pravy Sektor’s Dimitry Yarosh.

The driver of the truck that drove into Minneapolis protesters was Bogdan Vechirko is a veteran of Ukraine’s punisher battalions under Yarosh in Donbass. For the first 3 years of the war, all the punisher battalions in Ukraine went into towns and villages after the army captured and murdered people that didn’t support Ukrainian nationalism. If most of the immigrants leaving Ukraine are OUN nationalists, what group settled in Washington State?

The big lesson learned on Maidan during the 2014 coup was nothing sparks a coup faster than large body counts. Pravy Sektor is responsible for the massacre on Maidan and the 100 heroes they murdered. Many were shot in the back. For Antifa, this means they were on the same side.

If all this is true, then the US-Ukrainian OUN (Diaspora nationalist groups associated with the UCCA and CEEC) would be making a big push in media to support Antifa and BLM. Guess what? They are.

The charge is being led by the leading US-Ukrainian OUN apologist and ultranationalist in her own right, Anne Applebam.

While complaining Ukraine is being blamed by Trump and Putin, Applebaum once again hits the high notes supporting the socialists she’s made a career-destroying for the same anti-Russian-anti-Trump crowd paying her freight.

She ties Putin into Trump’s response to protect the federal property the Portland insurrection is destroying in her Atlantic article titled- Trump Is Putting On a Show in Portland The president is deploying the kind of performative authoritarianism that Vladimir Putin pioneered.

Students of modern dictatorship will find these tactics wearily familiar. Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom Trump admires, has deployed performative authoritarianism, alongside other tools, in order to keep himself in power for many years now. In 2014, during a political crisis in Ukraine, he created an elaborate media narrative that equated Ukrainian democracy protesters with 1940s fascists.

This is the same Anne Applebaum who eloquently wrote how her 1940s Hitler aligned Ukrainian nationalist politic displayed in 2014 Kiev was the only thing that would save Ukraine and would be great for America in Nationalism Is Exactly What Ukraine Needs.

In truth, you can’t really make “the case” for nationalism; you can only inculcate it, teach it to children, cultivate it at public events…moments like last New Year’s Eve, when more than 100,000 Ukrainians sang the national anthem at midnight on the Maidan. They need more occasions when they can shout, “Slava Ukraini — Heroyam Slava” — “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to its Heroes,” which was, yes, the slogan of the controversial Ukrainian Revolutionary Army in the 1940s

Applebaum clearly makes the case against Applebaum’s nationalist and fascist bent in subsequent articles. But, the events happening in the US were put together by the same IO planners Anne Applebaum works with through the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Lab. The Atlantic Council has a contract with the Ukrainian World Congress and roughly 20 Diaspora nationalist groups to support them and make their nationalism palatable. Meanwhile, Ukraine was just caught trying to do the same exact thing in Belarus by journalist Alexander Kotz including the boots on the ground rioting.

Because she makes the case for BLM and Antifa specifically using the 2014 Ukrainian Coup as the shining example American rioters should follow, it goes without saying it should be examined closer. The reason being, shown below, many of the most violent rioters from the 2014 Ukrainian Coup have been imported to the US over the last four years thanks to John Brennan and the DNC to add seasoned meat to the 2020 US riots.

The “Slava” in Slava Ukraina was the only WWII Nazi leader to go back to the country she terrorized and join the national Senate (Ukrainian Rada) after WWII. Hers is the politic of post-Maidan Ukraine and what she cultivated in the Ukrainian American Diaspora for 65 years.

“As the tide of the war turned and the Red Army began pushing the Germans out of Eastern Europe, the OUN sent Muzyka (Slava Stetsko) first to Vienna and then to Munich. She was joined there in 1945 by Stetsko, who was entrusted with the task of negotiating with the Germans to raise a Ukrainian army…”The Third Reich was finished, and one had to look for other methods,” Slava Stetsko told The Day.”- Kyiv Post- Ukraine loses icon of its independence struggle

If they were fighting Hitler in WWII, they wouldn’t be asking for an army from Hitler in 1945. After the 3rd Reich was finished they built their political base in America. If their political beliefs are being thrust on America, why are you supporting it?

Antifa is the ultranationalist dream in the field for the coup planners because if they complete their work building body counts and doing damage, Antifa is the disposable tool like 2014 Maidan nationalists were. If they don’t die, toss them in jail if Biden wins.

Their politics aren’t part of the program.

The conclusion to Part 1

While this is going on if you care about the country, the police that protected you need your protection. With all the defunding they are short-staffed and demoralized. Contact them about building auxiliary support groups and then do what they say to do.

Don’t make this more difficult for them.

We went through this in Donbass after these same nationalists took over the country in 2014. Donbass stood against it because the people stood behind the police pushing Ukraine’s version of Antifa out.

I’ll expand on that in part 2. HaTTiP

George Eliason

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