Boehner Statement Rips ‘Executive Amnesty’


Speaker John Boehner’s office released a statementFriday ripping President Obama for his plans to issue “executive amnesty” after the election, some of the strongest rhetoric the Ohio Republican has used on the topic to date.

The release, authored by spokesman Matt Wolking, says “Why will President Obama grant amnesty after the election? Because he knows the American people oppose it, and he doesn’t want his fellow Democrats to be held accountable on election day.”

The release continues:   

Speaker Boehner has been very clear that “There is a never a ‘right’ time for the president to declare amnesty by executive action.” And while the Speaker has long supported fixing our broken immigration system, he also told ABC News that if President Obama does what he is threatening to do, such unilateral action “would poison the well. And I’ve told the president this directly: if you want to get immigration reform done, and you want to get it right, don’t do things that will poison the well.”

It also notes that Obama himself declared that such action is illegal on numerous occasions in past years before reversing himself and moving forward on executive amnesty for “DREAMers” in 2012.
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