Body of Bizarre Winged Humanoid Found in Mexico

A group of paranormal researchers are attempting to determine the nature and origins of a strange winged creature discovered in Mexico.

The tiny oddity boasts what appears to be a humanoid body along with a set of wings, causing some to suggest that it could be a fairy or an alien!

Brien Foerster says that he spotted the bizarre creature floating in a specimen jar at an office in Mexico back in January.

Since then, it has allegedly been subjected to an x-ray analysis which showed that it contained a skeleton.

In the video which unveiled the creature, author L.A. Marzulli speaks with a man who appears to be the scientist that conducted the tests.

They conclude that the oddity could not be a hoax because the x-ray scan would have revealed that if it were a doll or some other fabrication.

In light of the bone structure found inside the creature, researchers hope to extract and analyze DNA from it to learn more about what it might be.

Despite the fantastic nature of the creature, it would be best to exercise caution before leaping to a paranormal conclusion, since a number of previous ‘alien bodies’ have been disproven in the past.

Nonetheless, hopefully future tests on the mysterious discovery will show whether it has a terrestrial or alien origin.

Coast Insiders can check out previous appearances on the program by both Brien Foerster as well as L.A. Marzulli and, should it turn out that the creature is of a non-Earthly origin, we’ll almost certainly be hearing from them again on the show in the future.

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Source: Express
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