Blog: Support of Farrakhan organization may force Ben Carson to separate from longtime adviser

Still think this: Ben Carson Calls Out Mainstream Media Over Obama’s Secret Past Live On CNN is about throwing the people and the press off re Farrakhan, Egypt / Pyramids, West Point, Attacking His mother with a hammer, Stabbing another with a fork…


Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America is calling on presidential candidate Ben Carson to sever ties with his longtime confidante, business manager and top outside campaign adviser, Armstrong Williams.

On October 5 Williams penned a barely-noticed article for The Hilltitled“The Nation of Islam Could Be Chicago’s savior.” On October 19, Townhall reprinted the same piece but this time with a different title: “To Curb Chiraq Violence, Bring in the NOI.”

Williams calls on his readers to distinguish between “moderate” NOI-ers and the more virulent “extremists,’ spouting “inflammatory rhetoric” like Farrakhan. According to Williams, the organization’s partnership with the U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the late 1980’s was a great success. Why not try to stop the “vicious cycle” of “fatherless children and young adults raised by the prison system” with an NOI security force paid for with federal funds.

That’s not all.

On October 10, Williams attended the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in DC, telling a Washington Times reporter:

This is also an opportunity to look at how the Nation of Islam has been very successful in stemming violence, demonstrating manhood and inspiring greater accountability in some of the nation’s toughest urban centers. The Nation of Islam, especially Minister Farrakhan, is often controversial. But they’ve done some things right in violence-plagued communities, so let’s learn from them.

Oddly enough, Armstrong’s support for Farrakhan’s organization comes just weeks after he vehemently defended Carson’s views on the danger inherent in electing a Muslim president. Williams told reporters at CNN’s New Day, “[Carson] understands there are tenets of Islam that hates Jews, will kill homosexuals, will kill Muslims, do not advocate the beliefs and value system that made America into the country it is today…It may have been an inconvenient truth but it is a truth.”

Williams and Carson have been like ‘brothers,’ for 22 years. When asked about their relationship in August, Dr. Carson stated, “it’s a package deal, no question about it.”


Ben Carson strikes back at the press


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