BIOCOLLAPSE – Plankton WIPED OUT In The Atlantic!

Phytoplankton, by the way, play a critical and irreplaceable role in sustaining all life on earth. They fuel the life cycle of the oceans and ultimately the life cycle of the planet.

They are a key component of the food chain, without which many species would be unable to survive. That is why this issue is so pertinent – because without plankton, all life forms will eventually die.

“Plankton is made up of the billions of marine creatures and plants that drift in the currents of oceans and seas,” reports Strange Sounds. “The category covers a huge variety of species, many of them microscopic.”

“However, they are fundamental to life on Earth as they form the bottom rung of the food chain. Plankton is consumed by the krill which are fed on by the fish that, in turn, provide nutrition for terrestrial animals including billions of humans.”

Researchers out of Scotland claim that Atlantic Ocean plankton, microscopic organisms that sustain ocean life, are basically now extinct due to persistent chemical pollution.


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