BIN Editorial Guidelines and Geir Smith AKA King of Shambhala (Reporter)


I am going to ask the administration of BIN to review the actions of this “reporter”  on BIN and ask them to make a determination of if the “contributions” of  Geir Smith AKA “King of Shambhala (Reporter)” are in line with the following policy:

“Stories accepted for inclusion by Before It’s News® must be newsworthy current events and will be determined in the sole discretion of our reporters and editors. Stories of a personal nature are not appropriate for Before It’s News® and will not be accepted by our reporters and editors. We follow the Chicago Manual of Style — the quick guide is available here:

In my discretion and as per the Editorial stance I move to strip the above noted “reporter” of his BIN credentials and proclude him form any other incarnations from “contributing” to BIN.

For the record as a reporter in good standing with BIN and the community at large and as the Chief Editor and Owner of here by note my objections. (This comment is being copied and sent to the administration of BIN.)

This posting is a personal piece, this posting ( is undeniably of a personal nature.

I ask that the administration of BIN remove this posting as per the Editorial Guidelines.

This “article” lacks the merits and content to be considered news. In addition I would like to point out that this “article” continues to push a personal opinion and agenda that the Author has repeatedly and Ad nauseam used BIN as a platform for self promotion and dissemination, propagation, and conversion of others to his religious views.

In addition I suggest as do a great many reporters here at BIN ask that you review this “member” and move to revoke his credentials as reporter here at BIN.

I quote “ BIN “Before It’s News® is the state-of-the-art platform for everything journalism will become. Real time information, commentary, analysis and opinion are collaboratively provided by trusted individuals around the world”

I think that a great many members / reporters here at BIN would in fact agree that King of Shambhala (Reporter) is in fact and in deed a non trusted individual as it pertains to the worthlessness and credibility of his contributions here on BIN.

This slanderous piece is libellous and I am certain should legal council of the civil liberties groups (UCLA etc. ) would be able to illuminate what state and federal laws this “reporter” has broken and or violated.

I ask that you move to ban this reporter immediately and strip him of his credentials.  The actions of this “Reporter” are reprehensible and in deed does dilute the credibility of BIN and ends a negative message to the internet viewership that Reporters here at BIN are nothing more that members of a free for all message board. Please send a strong message to the reporters here that this is in deed a news site and not a place to promote and agenda and or religion / faith based ideology.

With sincere regards,

Q (II-Neutron)

Editor in Chief –
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