Best Forensic Scientists Prove “ALL” Human DNA Is Corrupted With Hybrid (Nephilim) (Shocking Videos)

By: Lyn Leahz

Today in the news, it is revealed, (after much in-depth research and studies), that all human DNA is corrupted with hybrid (Nephilim) DNA! And, that even the species popularly known as “Big Foot” or “Sasquatch” contains both human DNA, as well as “Hybrid” DNA!

Best Forensic Scientists Prove ALL Human DNA Is Corrupted With Nephilim DNA & Sasquatch Is Nephilim!

Last year, we reported on the results of genetic research which revealed that the genome of one of our ancient ancestors, the Denisovans, contains a segment of DNA that seems to have come from another species that is currently unknown to science.  Several recent studies have also revealed that modern humans are a product of hybridization, with remnants of Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes in our DNA. This research leads us to realize that our understanding of the origins of modern humans is much murkier than we ever thought possible. This also begs the question, if we are hybrids already, could there be extant human hybrids currently on earth besides us?  —Ancient Origins

The answer is yes, Yes, and YES! The Bible tells us that ‘as it was in the days of Noah…’! Of course the existence of the pure ‘hybrid’ ‘nephilim’ bloodline exists! They are the elite, the Illuminati, the satanists who have kept their bloodline pure with the ‘serpent’ seed that goes way back to the ‘b’nai Elohim’ (the Sons of God, Fallen Angels).

The fact that ‘all’ human DNA is contaminated with the ‘nephilim’ bloodline is no surprise. The Bible ‘clearly’ gives explanation, as well as resolve:

The bible mentions the word Gentile(s) 131 times. In almost every verse, the Gentiles are described as being different than the Jews. They were described as unclean and lived their lives seperately from the Jews. That was, until Jesus came. Jesus reached out to the Gentiles and bridged the gap, offering them the same salvation as the Jews; through faith.

Here is where it gets interesting. The first time the word Gentile is mentioned in the bible is right before Ham and his Nephilim bloodline are mentioned! This means that Gentiles are Nephilim. By this point in history, almost all of humanity has been infected with the Nephilim gene.This is why ALL men are born into sin. Sin begins with the corruption of our blood. Only Jesus bloodline has remained pure and his purifying blood is the only answer to salvation.    Enterthe5t4rz

CORRUPTED BLOOD: Ham & His Nephilim Children Were the First GENTILES Mentioned In the Bible!


The scientists took great painstaking measures to preserve the integrity of their samples and their testing:

In the most extensive study ever carried out on the subject, a total of 111 samples were analysed, and standard procedures used in forensic science were implemented, including blank and positive control samples, submitter profiles and laboratory personnel profiles, all of which were utilized in conjunction with the testing of the samples. Laboratories and scientists were not told what they were testing when they were contracted to test the Sasquatch samples. This ensured the integrity of the replication of the findings from test to test to test.

Dr. Melba Ketchum of Nacogdoches, Texas, a veterinarian, forensic scientist, and the lead author of the study, claims that the crux of what has the scientific community is in an uproar about is that the samples had human mitochondrial DNA (maternal lineage), while the nuclear DNA (paternal lineage) was a structural mosaic consisting of both human DNA and novel non-human DNA, which did not match any known species in GenBank.  The paternal lineage suggests a distantly related hominin that evolved separately from humans, apes and other primates but evolved to the point where it could interbred with humans. The five year study costing over half a million dollars employed university laboratories, accredited private laboratories, state government and private forensic laboratories in its quest to test whether the Sasquatch truly existed or not.  —Ancient Origins

As a result of their studies and conclusions, they have received death threats, as well as the detonation of a pipe bomb at an event where Dr. Ketchum, lead author and forensic scientist of this particular study was to speak.

Finally, there have been death threats leveled at scientists in the study, not to mention a pipe bomb that was detonated at a venue where Dr. Ketchum was scheduled to speak, further highlighting the fact that the implications of the study are so profoundly challenging to conventional perspectives that people are willing to take such extreme measures to protect their deep-rooted and preconceived notions.  But one has to wonder, what is so polarizing about the presumptive proof of the existence of an extant human hybrid that precipitates such fervor?   —Ancient Origins

I can easily answer the above question regarding what is ‘so polarizing’ about this proof! There are several reasons that are clear:

—This evidence causes one to question the evolution theory

—This evidence also provides proof of the Biblical account of fallen angels, nephilim, b’nai Elohim as well as the extra biblical historical account of the Book of Enoch

—And, it will cause doubt in the coming deception where many Bible scholars on the subject believe that  humanity will be deceived by an ‘alien’ (nephilim) agenda. Why? Because it gives credence to the many serpent-seed, nephilim bloodline teachings on the subject

With today’s technology and its advancements, we can now perform studies on materials that have been a mystery, and find the answers we have for so long sought after. These answers debunk the former information provided by scientists who attempted to water down and criticize the historical information contained in the Holy Bible and extra biblical documentation. However, they will do whatever is necessary to keep us in the dark so that people will be taken by deception instead of truth.
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