Ben Franklin Was Right – When You Give Up Liberty For Security, You End Up With Neither

Ben Franklin Was Right – When You Give Up Liberty For Security, You End Up With Neither

By Liberty Report Staff

It well known that the United Kingdom is the number one surveillance state in the West. They recently passed a bill that was labelled as “the most sweeping surveillance powers in the western world.” Virtually everything is monitored in the U.K.

Yet, despite this extraordinary surveillance, look at the tragedy that occurred in Manchester.

1) The UK police and intelligence services both knew about the suicide bomber.
2) Family members in the UK warned officials that he was dangerous.
3) He traveled to both Libya and Syria. These trips had to have been known to intelligence services.
4) The suicide bomber flew a terrorist flag from the roof of his house.

All individuals in the UK gave up their liberty for security, and as Ben Franklin warned, they ended up with neither.

Are we expected to believe that the number one surveillance state does not have enough surveillance powers? Or are we merely watching the same mistakes being repeated over and over again, while expecting a different result?

Foreign policy must be addressed and changed. Pre-emptive invasions and wars generate hatred and blowback. The answer is not give more power over to the government over our lives and privacy.

An electronic prison state, where every move is watched an monitored is not the solution. The Manchester tragedy just proves that point.

It’s time to change foreign policy!

Ron Paul has said time and again that we should NEVER give up our liberty for the promise of safety from the government.

We are always less safe when we give up our liberties.
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