Beijing locked down as Wuhan virus continues … | Taiwan News

Beijing implements strict ‘closed-off management’ measures as Wuhan outbreak worsens in China

Source: Beijing locked down as Wuhan virus continues … | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the Wuhan virus continues to spread across China unabated, Beijing authorities on Sunday evening (Feb. 9) announced that the city is being locked down.

As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to rage across China, 80 cities have been locked down under “closed-off management” (封閉式管理) measures. On Sunday, Beijing authorities announced an “Epidemic prevention and control notice of strict closed community management” and declared that the city is going under lockdown (封城), reported the Beijing Daily.

According to the announcement, Beijing will strictly implement “closed community management” (小區封閉管理), under which vehicles and personnel from outside a community will not be allowed to enter. Those arriving in Beijing from other areas must report their health status and register their personal information.

The first 14 days after arriving in Beijing, persons who have visited an area affected by the epidemic or have a history of recent contact with those in an affected area must undergo inspection and observation in their homes, according to the regulations. They must also actively report their health status and cooperate with the relevant management services, and they are not allowed to leave their quarters.

If a person refuses to accept hospital quarantine, home quarantine, and other epidemic prevention measures, the public security organ shall severely punish those who commit acts against the administration of public security, according to the law.

In addition, all public areas in residential communities, such as recreation rooms and sports areas, are now closed, and all businesses and government agencies must strictly monitor people’s temperatures.

Housing agencies and landlords in Beijing are now required to provide information about rental housing and lessees to the local units for epidemic prevention.

The notice requires that checkpoints be set up at the entrances and exits of residences. Residents entering and leaving on foot and in vehicles must wear masks and submit to temperature tests.

Non-residents and vehicles of non-residents of a given community will no longer be allowed entry. If it is essential for them to enter, they must first register with management personnel.

Express mail, take out, and other delivery personnel are required to drop off their goods at a designated area of the community for customers to pick up.

Although Beijing has already announced mandatory closed-community management, Shanghai has yet to make a similar announcement. However, many communities in Shanghai have already begun voluntarily implementing closed community management on their own.
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