BBC Boasts it Got Vaccine Injured Support Group With 250,000 Members Removed From Facebook

The BBC article…

“Anti-vax groups use carrot emojis to hide Facebook posts

The BBC has seen several groups, one with hundreds of thousands of members, in which the [carrot] emoji appears in place of the word ‘vaccine’. Facebook’s algorithms tend to focus on words rather than images. The groups are being used to share unverified claims of people being either injured or killed by vaccines.

Once the BBC alerted Facebook’s parent company, Meta, the groups were removed.

“We have removed this group for violating our harmful misinformation policies and will review any other similar content in line with this policy. We continue to work closely with public health experts and the U.K. Government to further tackle Covid vaccine misinformation,” the firm said in a statement.

However, the groups have since reappeared in our searches.“
The group with hundreds of thousands of members was the vaccine injured group.

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