Baton Rouge cop who was injured in deadly ambush sues Black Lives Matter and five of its leaders for ‘inciting violence’ against police

Wounded: Tullier (pictured in November, after being shot in the head) suffered brain damage in the shooting

  • The suit also says BLM didn’t denounce violence until it was ‘all but too late’ 
  • The plaintiff is believed to be sheriff’s deputy and dad of 2, Nicholas Tullier, 42
  • He was shot in the head in July 17 attack and is now regaining motor functions
  • The suit names BLM leader DeRay Mckesson and five others as ‘inciting’ violence
  • It alleges that he inspired violence at a protest-turned-‘riot’ on July 9
  • Shooter was veteran Gavin Long, who shot 6 officers, killing 3, before he died
  • Long was furious after unarmed black man Alton Sterling was killed by cops 

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