Barack Obama is a follower on a very strange account on twitter !

it’s 100% legit. Check this out. This account talks about greys, dracos and… Nibiru
the account here:

@StevePieczenik and @realDonaldTrump
Any thoughts on the matter? It’s time to tell the truth. And don’t try and do to me what Hillary and

victoryofthelight @KibBitzLaw May 9

Skippy did to Seth Rich. Seth laid down his life for a noble cause, but I learned from his mistakes. If you go after me or anyone of my

victoryoftheligh @KibBitzLaw May 9

family, the info gets released by redundancies built in. @wikileaks @JulianAssange, the story you hoped would be found has been found.

victoryofthelight @KibBitzLaw
Replying to @KibBitzLaw @HillaryClinton and

#GameOver. I’d advise that everyone heed my words and call off the Deep State / Shaddow Govt operatives on all sides.

Battle of Heaven and Hell – Peter Paul Reubens Original + Zoomed in

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