Bangkok and Southeast Asia is sinking under Water … the planet is being rearranged

Bangkok Thailand Floods
The Nation of Thailand submerging under the Rising Seas and the Torrential Monsoon Rains 

HERE 10/25/2011

Unbeknown to most of the world, a major transformation is occurring on Planet Earth.  It earnestly began a year ago when the Pakistani people were devastated by the “monsoon rains” along the Indus River Valley that left millions of acres of their farmland permanent under water six to twelve months later. 

Yet, according to The Nation in a recent report titled, “Affectees continue to suffer, Life not returned to Normal in Flood hit areas of Sindh”on October 11, 2011, we read:

The Nation – “In various flood hit districts of Sindh, life has not returned to normal due to stagnant water, despite passage of several weeks… Millions of acres of land in Mirpur, Benazirabad, Dadu, Thatta, Tando Muhammad Khan and Tando Alayar was still under water…millions of students of hundreds of schools in the affected districts were not getting education as their schools were either completely destroyed due to rains and floods or damaged to such an extent that they were not in position to be used any more…

According to the Los Angeles Times on October 23, 2011, the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is now sinking under water in the worst national disaster in decades. As reported by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, the flooding as shut down dozens of highways; sunk numerous ancient Buddhist temples in the city of Ayutthaya; and severed the railroads connecting Bangkok with Northern Thailand. The Capital City of Bangkok is now virtually stranded away from the rest of the country.

Floods Southeast Asia

The Flood Zones of Thailand

Located along with the land surrounding the Pacific Ocean Rim called the subduction zone of the Pacific, the evidence of massive tectonic plate shifting is only beginning. The Prime Minister of Thailand, truly under duress, placed the entire country under a disaster law trying to keep law and order as the waters inundated the rice fields north of Bangkok and were now inundating the neighboring town of Pathum Thani near Bangkok. The fears, which will soon come is the fact that the rising water will move into the capital city of Bangkok as the water once covering the submerged rice fields continues to rise into the Thailand’s capital. This is only complicated by the predicted high ocean tides, according to the nation’s officials during the middle of October.

 “Tectonic Plates Collapsing under Pakistan and Indonesia – 20 Foot Drop in Shoreline on Java confirmed by Google Satellite

The land is sinking as the tectonic plates are subducting, sinking or submerging 15-20 feet along the western region of the Indo-Australian Plate.  The same problem is happening today, now in Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam, and Cambodia that started happening in Pakistan in 2010.

Desert Star Weekly on September 23, 2011 wrote of the dramatic changes in the Far East most succinctly in the article titled, Western Pacific Sea Water Incursions”:

Soon these same tectonic changes will be see all around the world, even in your own neighborhood. A great full report and comments HERE

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