Automated mosquito-zapping laser? Advanced Nano Bot Defensive Weaponry

 ” many videos out there on this subject; this whole concept is alarming; its no longer science fiction its truly science and technology today “

It automatically tracks and targets, then fires a short burst of laser energy to shoot down one of Alaska’s most-cursed pests: the mosquito. Called a Photonic Fence, the device — the prototype of which was built with parts bought on eBay — is being built by the Bellevue, Wash. company Intellectual Ventures. And while it is designed to be used in areas with high numbers of malaria-carrying mosquitoes, the device could also be used to protect crops from other insects or to keep the ubiquitous Alaska mosquitoes at bay.

The Photonic Fence uses a series of high speed cameras and sensors to track and identify flying insects. According to the company’s website, it can distinguish between different types of insects by tracking the frequency of wing beats, as well as the insect’s shape, size, and airspeed. Intellectual Ventures even claims the Photonic Fence can tell the difference between male and female mosquitoes — the ones that do the biting.

Folks this is a weapon!

Local Seattle NBC affiliate KING5 also has a great video showing how the device works in a room crowded with both people and bugs.

 So now we have a defensive weapon against

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