Austrian Central Bank brings its gold reserves back to Vienna

Everything is under the utmost secrecy: The Austrian National Bank seems to be on it and off much of its gold reserve, which is currently still abroad home to get to Austria Nationalbank-.Governor Ewald Nowotny, currently traveling abroad is said to have reported to have laid down with its professionals a new “gold strategy”.

What impact this will have? Well, currently owns the Austrian National Bank 280 tons of gold, which are worth around 8.6 billion euros. Of these, around 80 percent at the Bank of England, around 17 per cent in Germany and the rest in Switzerland.

In future, however – apparently for reasons of risk diversification -store 50 percent in Austria, only 30 per cent in England and the remaining 20 percent in Switzerland. This also corresponds to the request of the Court, who had criticized that Austria would overstock gold in England ….
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