Attention: Family, Friends and Foes. Re: Monkeypox

Attention: Family, Friends and Foes.
Re: Monkeypox

This is not a cut and paste posting. This is my own original writing and I write this to you in the hopes you might see the truth in light of the truth. It is by no means an exhaustive letter and I am bashing this out in one sitting.

In 2019 I published reports on “Event 201” wherein which the world governments got together and practised / simulated a world wide coronavirus pandemic. This event was sponsored by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Health Org, DAVOS and The World Economic Forum, John Hopkins Medical institute to name just a few.

I also reported that at around the same time the world military games where being held in the Wuhan China.

With in 90 days or so they had declared a pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 AKA COVID-19

I am now publishing and blowing the proverbial horn on Monkeypox.

Yesterday in the EU they did practice pandemic planning summit on “Monkeypox” There are now reports of Monkeypox in EU countries as well as Canada and the USA…

The world health Org. (WHO) has just gotten Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (and 194 other UN member states) to sign a treaty that allows them to take control over the country and dictate to you (those who identify as “persons” “citizens”) what ever they determine is needed to “manage” any new pandemic including mandatory injections or series of injections, where you can travel (even with in your own cities let alone provinces and or nation wide and international travel). By all indications this will include where, how and if you can grocery shop. The supply chain shortages, burning of livestock farms, buring of food warehouses, the astronomical price increases of crop fertilizers, the cost of diesel used to transport food etc. All roads lead to Rome as they say.

Most people did not want to listen re coronavirus and how the crisis was premeditated, practised, and with malice aforethought spread to the peoples of the world. It was a bio attack via a bio weapon. Because most of you / us are decent people this was and for some will remain too diabolical, wicked, evil, to be comprehended and quite honestly they have and will continue to bank on your natural dispositions to not think it conceivable.

They (and some of you) vilified me. Part of that vilification was as a result of me pointing out that only under the newly re defined legal definition of pandemic where companies under “Emergency Use Authorization” granted the ability to distribute an experimental synthetic genetic gene therapy that is in fact still in clinical trials until the end of 2023. In fact they re wrote medically, legally, redefining what a vaccine is so as to further the adoption of synthetic gene therapies.

This experimental synthetic genetic gene therapy was never widely made know that it was an experiment and if you received a vaccine one had in fact (un be-known to the vast majority of the world) had voluntarily become a test subject in the experimental clinical trials for a drug that did and does not confer immunity for any of the SARS-CoV-2 AKA COVID-19 variants and you where bombarded with state sponsored “messaging” to get 2,3,4th shots when it was medically and scientifically clear they where not effective and in fact where producing dangerous spike proteins that ravaged the bodies of many, many people and was, is, and will be the cause of many deaths.

The elevated COVID case counts so as to manufacture fear and justify “unprecedented” measures (unprecedented being a lawful term meaning there is / was no legal / lawful precedent for a good many actions they took). One glaring example was a COVID case count of a man who was decapitated on a motorbike and using a PCR test at 37 cycles which they no longer do as it was found they knew forehand that it produced many false positives declared his death a COVID death and his life insurnace company denied his widow and children his death benefits as a result… This is not an isolated case in fact in France one glaring admission came from a case where the insurer one the right to not pay out on a mans life insurance policy because it was determined he died as a result of the mRNA shot (one of the very very very rare recorded ones), and because he volunteered to receive the shot he made himself a subject of a clinical experimental drug trial and thus he was fully liable for his own death.

Fact: Canada did not have a national Vaccine injury compensation fund until 2020 / 2021…

They are so many egregious amounts of medical malpractice and fraud associated with the COVID “pandemic” which had and has on average a 96.9% survival rate across the board in the un-vaccinated.

Pfizer in specific fought in the supreme court to hide what little of their clinical trial data they initially had until the year 2075! They lost that battle.

As the documents are being released to the public it has become clear that adverse events that maimed people and caused deaths are very clear. In fact the adverse events became so numerous that Pfizer on the record had to hire 2400 new staff just to handle the internal adverse events reporting and spent billions on advertising, lobbying and fighting in the courts to keep this information from you.

As many have heard and seen adnauseum that your “news” hours and television programming is “Brought to you by: Pfizer” they have been successful thus far from fully reporting the trail data findings and thus the truth. Remember the experimental mRNA shot clinical trail will not be concluded until the end of 2023 and it will takes years (as is the case with all drug trials) to determine the final results. Based in clinical trial results thus for it is no wonder that they fought to keep it hidden from the public.

This is the same data they had used to get the “Emergency Use Authorization” to sell at massive profits their experimental synthetic genetic mRNA gene therapy.

Most egregious was there was no trail of children and or pregnant women (who where told specifically to not take it due to the KNOW RISKS), yet your “health authorities” mandated you and your children take multiple doses of the “shots” and tricked most of the population into believing a mandate was law. The trial data used in Canada to justify mRNA shots for children and infants was based on a small group of adults aged 18 to 55…

According to the law one who follows or carries out a mandate is a mandateer which is synonymous with volunteer.

In the Word Hosea 4:6 speaks the word that God had given him to be told to his people: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge,,”

I am asking you to stop being intellectually dishonest and or lazy and investigate for yourselves what is going on.

What Agenda 2021 was and what Agenda 2030 is, what the W.H.O., The W.E.F., The I.M.F., etc. etc. etc., are calling for and seek to achieve, what is the 4th industrial revolution that unbeknownst to many of you is happening today.

The truth is that their artificial intelligence models call for an 80% population reduction to stop the collapse of the Earth’s Bio Sphere as the only solution for a Sustainable Future. Research what S.D.G’s (Sustainable Development Goals)are.

Ask your self how some on like Bill Gates who is the second biggest financial supporter of the Word Health Org can for 20 years say that we will have pandemic after pandemic while investing in many many many pharmaceutical companies and funding like research studies and tell the world openly that he and the WHO see vaccines as “population control”.

Let that sink in.

Medicines such as Vaccines are supposed to provide quality of life as well as longevity of life so how come they invest so heavily in vaccines and coerce the world into taking them for events (Pandemics) that they literally pre planed and practised for where in the stated goal is to use them for population control aka population reduction…?

In closing this (monkeypox) is round two in the agenda of “population control” and how they are implementing S.D.G’s (Sustainable Development Goals) and have coined it “The Great Reset” and “Build Back Better”. It is a multi phased, multi pronged approach at population reduction and totalitarian control of those living.

Those orchestrating this have in print and unabashedly called you “useless eaters”.

I could go on and on. I have published many, many, times these events and goings on. Do not ask me to do the work of discovery for you or prove myself right or hang your future on me answering your questions or refuting what your authorities are selling you. Time to step of and take the truth and life on life’s terms.

What I will say and must say is Seek God in a time when he still can be found.

I have clean hands on this one. I am a watchman on the t

ower and I have and will continue to keep watch and blow the horn.

Every Blessing


Editor in chief

PS. I may or may not amend and or update this writing. As I said I am bashing it out quite hurriedly based on the new information coming to light.



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