Attention ALL EBT recipeints: IS Michelle Obama Going Bald a hint to Stop buying wigs and feed your families?

There have been whispers in the corridors of power inside the Washington, DC beltway that Michelle Obama has been dropping more than a few taxpayer dollars on wigs that seemingly change by magic her hair from cut bangs to flowing tresses. Amazingly enough, both styles are of noticeably differing lengths, despite denials by the White House. Yet what has the Twitter universe in full meltdown mode would be her recent appearance on an American game show that clearly reveals a Mi-Mi minus tresses that may have surrendered to stresses. In other words, why is the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) sporting a buzz cut if not flat-out bald?Screenshot-35

A simple reason: To liberate black women from the wigs and weaves!  Use the money to feed and raise your kids.

Screenshot-33Why should she be mocked or ridiculed if this is the actual subtext?  Maybe some will get it. That is not a  a bad thing.

If you want to get down to it challenge this…



God help us all…


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