AT&T admits your TV is watching you

Why It Matters

Sophisticated targeting techniques could change viewers’ experiences and TV networks’ bottom lines

 Few cable subscribers realize it, but each time they switch channels, their TV provider makes a note of it. Today, that data is primarily used for internal research and to inform ratings. But newly published work from researchers at AT&T shows how it could also be used to make TV advertising more compelling.
The methods tested by researchers at AT&T Labs in Florham Park, New Jersey, are detailed in a paper that was presented at the International Conference on Data Mining last month. While they don’t allow for ads to be targeted to individual viewers, they could make TV commercials more effective—and more valuable.

By contrast, few humans are involved in the process of targeting online advertising. Advertisers choose their target audience, and software does the rest, automatically matching ads with specific Web pages and even people (see “High Stakes in Internet Tracking”).

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