Assange: Google To Back Hillary Clinton For President In 2016

hqdefaultGoogle will overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 if she decides to run, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange revealed.

The Internet giant already has a cozy relationship with the former Secretary of State due to its close ties with not only the State Department but also the Council of Foreign Relations, of which Clinton is a prominent member.

“It should be noted that the ties [of Google] with Hillary Clinton are especially strong,” Assange said according to Sputnik. “Many of those employed by Google have previously worked as her advisers or assistants.”


Google’s executives are also connected to Clinton through the CFR, a “global governance” think tank which can be best described as a “shadow government” due to its extensive “invitation only” membership of government and corporate leaders.

Council on Foreign Relations, February 2013 Source: Google image Search for: Council on Foreign Relations
Council on Foreign Relations, February 2013 Source: Google image Search for: Council on Foreign Relations


Clinton has been a member of the CFR for years and even admitted the group largely steers the U.S. government, especially the State Dept.

Back in June 2011, Assange received a visit from Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, who was accompanied by Google Ideas Director and former Clinton insider Jared Cohen and CFR Vice President Lisa Shields, to talk about WikiLeak’s exposé of government documents, particularly State Dept. cables.

“At this point, the delegation was one part Google, three parts U.S. foreign-policy establishment, but I was still none the wiser,” he wrote in his book When Google Met Wikileaks.


Months later when Assange attempted to contact Clinton, then Secretary of State, to give her warning on record that WikiLeaks was about to release more documents, he realized that Schmidt didn’t just represent Google at the meeting because the State Dept. used Shields to contact WikiLeaks to confirm that it was in fact Assange making the request.

“Whether officially or not, [Schmidt] had been keeping some company that placed him very close to Washington, D.C., including a well-documented relationship with President Obama,” he wrote. “Not only had Hillary Clinton’s people knew that Eric Schmidt’s partner [Lisa Shields] had visited me, but they had also elected to use her as a back channel [to contact me.]”

Although Clinton has not officially announced an intention to run for president, she is expected to do so in the coming months.
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