As you can imagine it is not easy these days to be a right or centered libertarian blog on social media and have a voice.


Thanks to any and all that might take the time to rad this.

As you can imagine it is not easy these days to be a right or centered libertarian blog on social media and have a voice / reach.

We do not buy clicks, we do not buy likes and shares. As few as we are in numbers at the moment we are true and real people with a few opposition shills that follow us…. but by and large we are all real and organic.

We hope to continue keeping up our presence here on facebook.
We have to explore how much longer it is we allow to see if we can have a solid community on facebook. The time and effort used in manual sharing on facebook can be considerable and if it is does not effectively grow and maintain growth we cannot keep posting and using facebook as a social media platform for our reporting /  outreach.

The Facebook page is for the website, it is not the other way around.

We notice that many non website links get more likes and shares than not. Is this Facebook? Is it paid political posters / influencers that are behind it? Is it that the website just cannot find its audience on facebook?

We are very grateful that our followers are for the most part very civil and that is much appreciated. We are not here to censor or moderate we are here to share. To keep it clean we keep it clean. The pubic must as well. Please use responsibly.

If you have insight to share please do so. To many posts? Not enough posting? The site sucks? What’s missing? – ….. ?

Please if you have read this far and you appreciate the website and this page please share and like. The future here depends on viewers deciding whether we can be a viable thriving community on facebook or not. If you want to see this happen please like and share. This has to happen organically and if it does not sorry to say we will accept that facebook is done for the TheWatchTowers.

Now that my rant and concerns are out there I want to thank every one for every single like and follow that we have on facebook, in fact all social media as well as on the website.

Please let us know what you like and do not like. What you want to see more or less of?

With out it we will have to come to a time when we archive the page and use it as a place holder.

TheWatchTowers,org, .net, .com, are not a JW owned or controlled entity / site / org / religion.

Example JW .dot org  <—– JW’s /  Witnesses. We are not them.

Example: JW  <—– We like these guys. Check them out. We are not them either.

Please See the About page for more details. 


On a final note… I have been publishing as Q (~Q~) since TWT Creation Date: 2011-02-22T17:16:17Z

This is John ~Q~ of TWT.

Thanks for following.


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