Art Bell is returning to Internet Radio this July!!!! George and C2C fight back!

To, Lisa, Tommy & George
I am posting this here because I know you read here by the hour.
You may have noticed that when I made my announcement here on FB I did not in ANY way mention George or even Premiere. That is because I was hoping that I could put all my efforts into preparing for the show I am going to do. It is not in your interest to make this a War because as the 500 pound Gorilla in the room any conflict does not work in your favor at all.

I was and still am hoping we can simply both do what we do and see how it all shakes out.

However, taking Jimmy away from Keith was kind of low brow, having George get on the air and pretend to “help” me by talking about my return and then playing my now very old show where I was told to say “George gets it”…..well, it just does not seem like a good start.

Let’s start fresh! I will not go after you guy’s and you don’t go after me. Lets both do what we do and see how it comes out in the end! I am more then happy to have a smaller, higher quality show if that’s how it plays out.

I will not hit, but I will hit back.
Art Bell

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