Art Bell is returning to a FREE audio show this July!!

donhoodartbellart-640Hi all here is a update,

Here is the way I see things: Starting in late July Dark Matter makes a return five nights a Week from 9PM-12AM P.T. on DMRN. The Stream will be at a higher bit rate and FREE to all.

As I mentioned a Producer is needed and it looks like we have found a really good one, Paul will also be able to assist.

I will be depending on all of YOU as well as my FB followers to spread the word far and wide on Social Media. A blitz if you will, BUT not yet, it’s still too early, but I will give you all the word, we don’t need magazine’s and we sure do not need AM radio to spread the word, Social media has far more power, I have seen what YOU can do.

We will start building the Studio in March or so and as I have mentioned I will absorb the cost myself. This will be a labor of love because I do dearly love Talk Radio. There will only be enough content from anything else to give myself a short break every hour, or put another way, almost no commercials.

There are other very exciting aspects of what this show will have, but again it is simply too early to give away what is coming. Trust me it is exciting.

Art Bell

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