Arkansas Bill Would Allow Your Boss To Force You To Friend Him On Facebook

There is currently a ban on employers mandating that they have access to employees’ social media accounts and the bill would lift that ban:

The proposal, scheduled for a Senate labor committee hearing on Wednesday, would leave in place the earlier law’s other provisions, which ban employers from asking employees to change their privacy settings or provide their account passwords. But some employers would be exempt from even those prohibitions. Religious organizations and those that deal with the supervision of children — such as schools, day cares and summer camps — would be altogether excluded from the social media rules.

“What we’re trying to do is to just move that line back so that employers, if say an employee is making slanderous statements about their employer in social media, that the employer has the right to know that,” Rep. Nate Bell (R) said in an interview with a local television station two months ago.

Source: Washington Post


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