ANTIFA Militants take part of Seattle and claim “They’ve seceded from the United States”

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Militant terrorist group ANTIFA are declaring their succession from the Republic of The United States of America.

Believing they have seceded from the United States, six city blocks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbood have been taken over in what can be described as an occupation..

Milotants are claiming what they call the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” as a sovereign state, claiming and issuing warnings that anyone who reaches the area’s border wall are leaving the United States.

The leftists have proven themselves more than partial to the use of border walls on the strict provision that they’re allowed complete political control. ANTIFA militants have been seen staffing the autonomous zone’s borders, some of them armed.

Seattle Police had abandoned a nearby police precinct station to a combined force of looters and rioters over the weekend, giving the ANTIFA militants a green light to secede from the United States and set up their so-called autonomous zone.

The political criminals proceeded to occupy the building, restyling the Seattle Police precinct as a “people” department.

Language on the ANTIFA imaginary state’s border walls threatens to kill police and ICE personnel.


WATCH | Seattle #antifa extremists have occupied the Capitol Hill area in Seattle & turned it into a no-go zone
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