Another Japanese Reactor Facility In Trouble?

Another Japanese Reactor Facility In Trouble?

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Shepard Ambellas
March 20, 2011

As the nuclear disaster in Japan continues to worsen along with a new 100 mile oil slick in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and radio active fallout hitting the mainland US as of early Friday, we see primarily nothing but a scripted war on the main stage as yet another media cover-up is underway.

Not only are the events in Libya being falsely portrayed to the American people as justification for another regional grab, it serves as a great cover story for one of the worst (if not the worst) world environmental disasters of all time (Japan’s Reactor Crisis of 2011).

New details are emerging rapidly regarding the Japanese governments credibility and radiation levels in Japan.

The Disaster Prevention and Nuclear Safety Network for Nuclear Environment’s website has alway posted realtime radiation data collected via the System for Prediction of Environment Emergency Dose Information(SPEEDI).

The readings displayed on the website are measured in nGy/hr or nanogrey’s. By running a fairly complex conversion from radiation conversion measurement tables you get the following conversion;

Nanogrey or (1) nGy/hr = (0.3817) mR/hr (millirem)

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Nuclear Facilities In Japan

The website (known for accurate real-time readings) is now displaying a pink dot in three areas around Japan signifying that the area is under survey (off-line). Two of the areas under survey of course are right around the Fukushima Reactor (Fukushima & Miy agi) while another is in the region of the Ishikawa nuclear reactor on the west side of Japan raising concern of an independent problem with the Ishikawa reactor.

The Shika/Ishikawa plant has 2 reactors, it is unknown at this time if one was still under construction.

Radiation levels in Japan outside the boundaries of the areas marked “Under Survey” are reading above 700 nGy/hr or well above  267 mR/hr.


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