Andrew Yang Turns On Democrats – On Live TV He Claims They Are “Not The Party Of Working Class Americans”

Unlike his rival, Andrew Yang was one of the most entertaining and common-sense Democrats in the race.

His universal basic income plan was terrible, but at least he was trying to reach regular Americans.

Now that he’s out of the race, he’s providing some stunning commentary. Of all the networks, it’s CNN.

And what he’s saying about the party will have liberals seething.

From YouTube:

CNN’s Andrew Yang said that the Democrat Party is not the party of working-class Americans, when Yang spoke during the Nevada caucuses on CNN on 2/22/2020.

Ouch. Yang discussed how he went to blue collar, working-class folks around the country. When he tried to win them over, they point blank told him the Democrats don’t represent them anymore.

For decades, the Democrats were the party of the working man. Our dads voted Democrat, because they believed the party would fight for their unions. They were supposed to protect the “little guy” from big, corporate America.

These days, corporate America calls the shots. Where are the Democrats fighting for American workers?

All we see are Democrat fighting… for border jumpers who take away American jobs.

Democrats are more concerned with what gender pronoun won’t get them kicked off of Twitter.

Yang admits it. He tried to win over voters, but only saw a sea of people flocking to Trump.

Why? Perhaps is has something to do with the fact that Trump is protecting the jobs of American workers.

He’s the first president to be concerned with regular folks who put in an honest day’s work.

It might be painful for them to admit, but the Democrats are more slick and elitist than even Republicans, these days.

The Clintons and Obamas have more in common with Hollywood stars and Wall Street tycoons, than Ma and Pa.

Trump, a billionaire from New York, is doing a better job of protecting workers’ paychecks, health insurance, and retire plans.

But why is Yang, a man that just dropped out of the race, the only person on the left saying it? Why aren’t more Democrats even trying to connect with regular Americans?

I can’t answer that one.

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Source: YouTube
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