Amazing Footage: Thousands Witness UFO Over Brazilian Protests

Amazing Footage: Thousands Witness UFO Over Brazilian Protests


UFOSUFO or identified drone? Either or, we are not alone! It’s June 2013, and for the past few years the world has seen an enormous amount of protests that haven’t been televised. This is something planet Earth has never seen before, the people are waking up and standing up for what no longer resonates with them on a mass scale. Right now, mass protests are happening in Brazil, to name one place. People coming together is what it’s all about.

The UFO phenomenon is no different, and seems to be coinciding with this mass awakening that’s taking place. UFO sighting reports continue to increase exponentially every month as the consciousness of the human race continues to expand and grow. Sure, some of them might be military craft, but many people feel that a majority of them are extraterrestrial.

Keep in mind, an extraterrestrial threat would be similar to a terrorist threat like 9/11, manufactured, not real and used to justify a one world government, that doesn’t mean there is not an extraterrestrial presence currently engaging the planet and the human race. Also, that does not mean that manipulation of our perception and consciousness has not been occurring. Extraterrestrial activities within the military industrial complex might be a part of that, operating behind the scenes under the cover of invisibility. Maybe there are groups that want to see us thrive and are witnessing and support the current awakening, and maybe there are groups that don’t. Either or, in the end it is our choice which direction we choose to go. Either move forward, grow and thrive from a place of love, peace cooperation and understanding, or not. If we choose the first, maybe we will continue to attract friends in ‘high places’ that feel the same way.

Sightings have become so common that governments have been forced to respond. Dozens of governments, as well as three letter agencies, have released some of their UFO files. In doing so, they’ve admitted to having programs that study the phenomenon in depth. They admit to tracking UFOs on radar and scrambling military jets to get a closer look. Files also indicate that UFOs have been present at nuclear missile facilities all around the world. Nuclear missiles become inoperable, I personally don’t mind this as nuclear weapons serve us no purpose. Maybe they are trying to illustrate that, but we have to change this planet ourselves.

The world has heard from astronauts, pilots, professors, researchers, high ranking military personnel, political personnel and more. There was recently a citizens hearing on UFO disclosure that involved several former congressmen and women. This topic is a big one, and branches into almost every aspect of our reality from food and health to energy and finance.

The CE team has had many UFO sightings, together and also as individuals. We’ve been lucky enough to capture our own footage, and can generally have a good idea of what is real and what isn’t. Take a look at this video, and watch with an open mind.

We are not alone :) Maybe some others out there want to see us change the world, and live in a more harmonious way with each other, the planet and all of the beings that reside upon it. Please browse through our alternative news, science/tech, and multimedia sections for more information on UFOs and extraterrestrials. You can also use our search bar with key words like “UFO” or “extraterrestrials.” Much Love.
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