Alternative School Student Accused of Hiding Stolen Cash in Rectum

Alternative School Student Accused of Hiding Stolen Cash in Rectum DAYTON — An alternative school student, in the custody of Hamilton County Family Services, was reportedly caught stealing a $50 bill from another student and then hiding they money in his rectum.

The student, who police did not identify, was shown on surveillance video Wednesday morning taking the money out of a gym bag at Longfellow Alternative School.

When confronted by the school security officer, the student reportedly started tearing up an office and slamming his head into walls and other objects.

While the security officer attempted to detain the student, he reportedly bit the officer in the leg.

After being detained on the floor, the suspect calmed down and admitted to taking the money, but said he’d have to go to the restroom to retrieve it because he had hidden it in his rectum.

The security officer took him to the restroom, where the suspect was able to get to the cash while still handcuffed.

The student fled from the school, however, once police were called. He was still wearing the handcuffs and was caught with the security officer and returned to the school, where an officer had just responded.

The student then became violent again, and reportedly banged his head on the cruiser.

Police say the student whose money was stolen still wanted the cash back, “despite its hiding place.”

Police also say the suspect is new to the area, having just been placed in temporary housing in the Dayton area by the Hamilton County Family Services.

He was taken the hospital to get his forehead checked after banging it on various objects. Later, at the FCC facility, police say he again banged his head on walls, kicked the door, spit on the glass, urinated on the floor and attempted to strangle himself with his clothes.

Police say FCC staff had to restrain him at least three times and were forced to take his clothing for his protection. He was placed in a smock.


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