Aleister Crowley’s daughter Louise has Died 2014… Obituary and History

Aleister Crowley’s daughter Louise… Scroll down for details…

Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Louise Shumway Muhler Nov 26, 1920 – Nov 20, 2014 Louise passed away peacefully of natural causes.
Louise Shumway Muhler Nov 26, 1920 - Nov 20, 2014 ALEISTER CROWLEY'S DAUGHTER LOUISE SHUMWAY MUHLER
Louise Shumway Muhler Nov 26, 1920 – Nov 20, 2014 ALEISTER CROWLEY’S DAUGHTER LOUISE SHUMWAY MUHLER


Louise passed away peacefully of natural causes on November 20, 2014, at the Piedmont Gardens Skilled Nursing facility in Oakland, CA. She was born in Cefalu, Sicily, and her given name was Astarte Lulu Panthea. Her mother was Augustine Ninette Fraux Shumway and her father was Aleister Crowley. Louise came to the United States in 1930 and graduated from Santa Barbara High School in 1937. She attended Mills College for two years and graduated from the University of California in 1941. In 1940 Louise married Virgil A. Muhler, now deceased, and divorced in 1970. Louise served as a Vista Volunteer for a year in Laredo, Texas, and in 1970 she began working as an ESL teacher in the Oakland Adult Education School and taught for over 25 years.
Lou was a member of Montclair Presbyterian Church for over fifty years and had a strong focus on social justice issues. She was also an active member of the Mills College Alumni Association. Lou loved nature and was an avid gardener and amateur expert in botany, zoology, and bird watching. She shared these passions with others for 15 years as a volunteer docent in the Natural History wing of the Oakland Museum. She travelled extensively in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America and was fluent in French and Spanish. She was preceded in death by her brother Howard Shumway.
She is survived by her sister, Jeanette Fraux, and brother Richard Shumway; her children, Susan Joan Muhler, William Mead Muhler, John Eric Muhler, and Wendy Louise Nicholson; five grandchildren, Tamara Christine Muhler, Nathaniel Westbook Muhler, Tymon Bennett Nicholson, Alexandra Cristina Aguirre Muhler, and Zoë Andrianne Mountain Muhler; and two great-grandchildren, Kira Louise Muhler Reyes, and William Generoso Muhler Reyes.
A memorial service will be held at the Rheinhardt Alumnae House at Mills College on January 17, 2015, at 11:00 AM. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be sent to Mills College for the Louise Shumway Muhler Memorial Scholarship.
Published in San Francisco Chronicle on Dec. 7, 2014

Now on to her father…

 Aleister Crowley’s “Concubine”
Ninette Shumway Passport photo 03-04-1919
Ninette Shumway Passport photo 03-04-1919

Ninette F. Shumway (aka Isabella Fraux).  (born in Decazeville France June 9,1894 – 1989 France)

At 17, Ninette left the port in Le Havre France and arrived in New York on July 2, 1911 aboard the “La Trouraine”,  she was traveling under the name Augustine Fraux..August 14, 1915, she married Howard Crosby Shumway in Cook co., Illinois.  Ninette and Howard had one  child,  a son named Howard (b. 07/17/1916 Boston, MA.). Howard died that same year.  On her passport  application 02/28/1919 she stated that she was widowed,  a governess and she that resided at 81 Sudbury
Road MA.  She was returning to France to make it her home.

Ninette Shumway Passport
Ninette Shumway Passport


Ninette was Crowley’s second concubine at the Abbey of Thelema. Both Leah Hirsig and Ninette (her magical
name was Sister Cypris after Aphrodite), were carrying Crowley’s unborn children at the same time.  Leah Hirsig had a two-year old son named Hansi and Ninette had a three-year old boy named Howard; they were not Crowley’s but he nicknamed them Dionysus and Hermes respectively. After Leah’s Poupée died, Leah had a miscarriage but Ninette gave birth to a daughter (11/12/20), Astarte Lulu Panthea.

Ninette had a third child named Isabella.  It is uncertain if Crowley was the father as Ninette was sleeping with Crowley and Baron le Calce at the time she was conceived in Cefalu.  Isabella was then known as Mimi.Astarte Lulu Panthea (b. November 25th, 1922 – d. 2005 (year uncertain, but it was reported by Bill Heidrick from the O.T.O. ) — daughter of  Ninette Shumway (aka Isabella Fraux). (“Cypris”). [Note: There are several disputed dates of her birth, but the correct one is found in Crowley’s 1923 Diaries.]
Astarte was raised in the USA from 1931 by Ninette’s older sister Helene Fraux. Astarte has four children including jazz pianist Eric Muhler.  Leah Hirsig suspected Ninette’s Black Magic foul play and what Aleister found when reading Ninette’s magical diary (everybody had to keep  one while at the abbey for reasons explained in Liber E) appalled him. Ninette was banished from the abbey and the Beast lamented the  death of his children. However, Ninette was soon back in the abbey again to take care of her offspring.
I don’t know who took the above photographs, possibly Kenneth Grant (one of them does appear in Remembering Aleister Crowley, Grant’s very interesting memoir of his friendship with AC). Taken in the garden at Netherwood, Hastings. Probably in or around 1945, which would make Crowley approximately 70 years old.
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