Alcoholism – A Slow Suicide #Alcoholism #Truth

Alcoholism is a prison without a cell and the 30 pack serving as a ball and chain.
Something that started off as fun and very benefiting socially, psychologically, physically and emotionally somehow slowly without noticing yourself until it was too late has become your own destruction.

A full blown nightmare you cannot wake up from.

Something that was once a social lubricant is now your number 1 priority that supersedes food and water in daily consumption.

I personally know this nightmare and not until I hit rock bottom in my kitchen laying on the floor crying in physical and emotional pain wanting to commit suicide but was too chicken to out of fear of going to hell that I finally gave up and cried out to God for him to save me.

I surrendered my life that day to Jesus Christ and have never looked back since.
That was nearly 6 years ago.

Sometimes rock bottom can be the best thing that could ever happened to a person. HaTTiP

#JesusSaves #Alcoholism #RockBottom #Truth #AlternativeNews 

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