Actress Leah Remini Flees Scientology

Longtime Scientologist Leah Remini, the actress best known for putting up with Kevin James for nine years on The King of Queens, has left the church, reportedly because she is sick of the culture of fear and intimidation that church leader David Miscavige has created. Supposedly she is tired of church members being threatened and interrogated if they question Miscavige’s leadership and disagrees with the forced estrangement from family members whom the church deems “suppressive persons.” So she’s getting out, and considering going public with her story, no matter what the church throws at her in retaliation. One story she might discuss, which another former Scientologist blogged about this week, was the time she was at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s wedding and asked a church higher up where Miscavige’s wife Shelly was and the response she got was, “You don’t have the f–king rank to ask about Shelly.” Shelly who, it’s believed, has not been seen in public for seven years. Well, we eagerly await whatever Remini has to say about her time in the church, though probably shouldn’t hold our breaths. They can make life very difficult for apostates, so she might decide to keep mum and just live her life in peace. If only she’d taken Elisabeth Moss with her. [Page Six]…ogy/67071/
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