Abortion Clinic Now Offers Fake Abortions to Gay Men (WARNING GRAPHIC THEMES)

“Gay men feel left out of the murder of unborn babies, so they have a faux abortion.”

An elite abortion clinic in Brooklyn is now offering simulated abortions for gay men who feel left out because they don’t get to murder innocent babies.  It began after a gay tech millionaire contributed to the Williamsburg Women’s Center in Brooklyn and the clinic set him up with a fake abortion to show their appreciation.  After that they began getting requests from other gay couples.  They have now made it a profitable business giving gay men a spa like experience and labeling it as a simulated abortion.

Dr. Kristel Caulfield, an abortionist from the clinic said:

“Women’s reproductive rights are a much more abstract matter for gay men.  So it’s really heartwarming to see them show in such a powerful way how much they still care about the issue.”

Brooklyn Clinic Now Offers Simulated Abortions for Gay Men

Eric Lefkowitz, 30, who underwent the “procedure” says that it had made him grow closer to his  husband:

“Brayden is so, so special to me, and we both agree that having the right to choose is incredibly important.  We shouldn’t lose the ability to affirm that choice simply because we’re gay.”

“I know this absolutely can’t compare with what real women have to go through.  But I like to imagine that I understand their experience a little better. And of course, it’s awesome to know that Eric is willing to stand by me through such a difficult decision.”

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