ABC Tries To Debunk Phoenix Sand Storm UFO’s – You Decide

“A couple of specks of light in Tuesday’s giant haboob cloud have some crying “UFO”.

According to ABC15, the specks in question were spotted by UFO hunter websites.

The Open Minds website posted the Air15 video and wrote: “The object appears to have an almost saucer-like shape, which fueled speculation of extraterrestrial craft.” They also offer their own explanation about what the object most likely was.
Sadly for UFO hunters, the specks of light visible in the video turned out to be airplanes trying to outrun the storm for the shelter of Phoenix Sky Harbor.

“I saw the planes the whole time and I actually heard the pilots describing the low visibility conditions as they were making their approach into Sky Harbor,” said Air15 Photojournalist Jesse Rutherford who shot the video in question.
Air15 was flying about 400 feet over Tempe and facing east to capture the massive dust storm rolling across the Valley.”

Phoenix Sandstorm: UFO Morphs From Orb To Disc


Phoenix Sand Storm UFO Loop

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